Introducing The Down Cape Loyalty Program

Something For The Entire Family

Every spring as the weather begins to warm we are greeted with familiar faces looking to once again enjoy our little piece of paradise.  As a thank you to our repeat customers, we’d like to introduce our new Down Cape Loyalty Program.

All of our rental equipment applies – powerboats, sailboats, kayaks and paddle boards.  There are no obligations and no commitments.  Simply pay as your rent and receive steeper discounts the more you boat with us.


Rentals #1-3



Rentals #4-6

15% off all charters and merchandise.

Rentals #7+

25% off all charters
Free t-shirts for entire household

With such a short summer season in New England, why spend the time and energy owning a boat when you can let us do the work?  Down Cape Charters & Boat Rentals offers the flexibility of ownership without all of the hassles and expenses.  No depreciation.  No storage costs.  No upkeep.  No contracts.  Each rental transaction made by your household per season simply results in deeper discounts.*  Just step on, step off and have fun!

Come discover the real joy of hassle free boating on Pleasant Bay!


*Transaction is meant to define each outing.  3 rented kayaks equals one transaction, no matter how you choose to pay.  A rented sailboat in the morning plus a rented motorboat in the afternoon equals two separate transactions.

*A household is defined as all family members living under one roof, typically sharing a last name.

*Discounts are applied to the listed price of equipment.  Any additional charges, such as fuel fees and sales tax, do not apply and must be paid in full.